Complaints Policy

We pride ourselves on offering a high level of service to all our customers, however we understand that sometimes things go wrong and misunderstandings can occur.

If you are already speaking to a member of our sales, support or accounts team your first course of action should be to address the matter with them, quite often complaints can be resolved immediately where a simple misunderstanding has occurred.

You are welcome to ask to speak to another member of our staff about the matter, or have the issue raised with a more senior staff member, by calling us on on 01428 404040.

If you are dissatisfied with the solution offered, then we request that you raise a formal complaint by writing to our Managing Director at:

DG Technology
St Lawrence
Southleigh Road

We will investigate, respond to (within 2 working days), and conclude efficiently, professionally and in a timely manor any complaint submitted.

To help us know the facts please include any past correspondence, your full account information, brief summary of the issue you would like investigated, and your preferred resolution.

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